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How Do I Go Low With Keto?

A lot of people are excited and want to get started on the ketogenic diet but don’t know what to do.  Leanne from Healthful Pursuit is a holistic nutritionist who uses a whole foods based approach to ketosis.  Here are a few suggestions that might be suitable for you.

  • If you are new and would like a thorough explanation on the principles of the ketogenic diet, have a look at The Keto Beginning.  You will gain a better understanding on  the foundations of the keto diet so you can better manage it yourself.  What’s great is that there’s a 30 day meal plan given so it takes out the guesswork and you will not run out of meal ideas for a whole month! So get your copy of The Keto Beginning here


  • If you’re a busy mum and have no time or energy to think of what to cook, this is for you. Leanne also teaches you how to do carb ups, so you don’t have to completely deprive yourself.

  • And for those difficult times, the holiday season. Christmas!  This is probably the most difficult time to stay away from carbs and stay keto.  Thankfully, there is a healthy keto way of surviving Christmas.  With recipes like Gingerbread poke cake and a low carb cranberry sauce, Christmas is still joyous and indulgent.  Click on the link below to see how it’s done.