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There’s work, kids, family, the dog, the in-laws, and everything else in between. It feels impossible to eat well and then there’s finding the time to exercise? Yeah right! Or there’s this scenario when you’re starving because you’ve forgotten to eat lunch (again). You reach for whatever is in the cupboard or quickly duck to the supermarket and grab whatever you can. It’s sugar and carb-heavy and within the hour you’re tired, sluggish, and bloated—bad times.

Don’t worry, help is here ladies.

So much more than a snack company, Keep Keto is a community of keto queens on their keto journeys. We create delicious keto products and practical resources to inspire women who eat keto, to stay keto. Our products not only taste delicious (just ask our customers), they’re valued for money, made from ingredients you can trust (and understand), and fill you up when you’re on the go.


Keep Keto is a community of women who rock their keto lifestyles. Whether it’s day one or you’ve been nailing keto for years, we’re here to help keep you in your keto journey (hints in the name), creating delicious and nutritious keto products that keep that energy up and those jeans comfortable.

Keep Keto was born when our founder, Katherine Kwee, was struggling with weight loss and found the Keto diet to be highly effective, not only for losing the weight to get to her healthy size, but in keeping it that way with minimal effort. As long as she had her homemade snacks prepared she could continue with Keto, but meal prep is hard!

As a pharmacist, it pained her to see people struggle with their weight-loss journey and she wanted to share her love of keto (and her snacks!) with the world!

“I believe that the ketogenic diet is underestimated. It has so much power in healing the body and has shown to help so many people. I see this in the patients I come across. It is not just great for weight loss, but it helps to address the inflammation in the body.”

Becoming keto is easy (after you get through the keto flu that is), but keeping keto is hard. The stresses of life and the lack of nutritious keto products in the market make it hard to keep you in your keto flow.

Enter Keep Keto – creator of amazing snacks and a community of Keto Queens. Because why go on your journey alone when Keep Keto has your back!


  • You don’t need to eat a huge amount of food. Those amazing high-fat foods keep you satisfied longer (that means no sugary snacking!)
  • You can eat things that make it feel like you’re not on a diet like cheese & bacon.
  • You don’t need to exercise as much as your body becomes a fat-burning machine.
  • You can say goodbye to feeling sluggish, bloated and tired.
  • Your immune system is supercharged! I don’t get sick anymore.