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Keto Mascarpone Jam Tart

Make this light and refreshing tart, that’s keto friendly. It complements any meal but tastes especially good on a warm day.⁣⁣ Easy, simple and so delicious you have to stop yourself from eating a third slice in one sitting.


Keto Spanish Baked Eggs aka Shakshuka!

This one-pan dish is a breakfast staple in Northern Africa and Israel. Rich in both protein and healthy fats, it’s a one-pan meal perfect for a special family breakfast or even dinner on the weekend.


Keto Matcha And Jam Swiss Roll

An Asian inspired dessert. Our keto Matcha and strawberry jam swiss roll is sugar free, low carb and is great if you want something to satisfy your sweet tooth. And it only has 5g net carbs!

Keto or low carb fluffy pancakes with sugar free strawberry and chia seed jam

Fluffy keto pancakes

Who says you can’t have fluffy pancakes on keto? This recipe makes thick, keto pancakes and it doesn’t involve extra effort like whipping egg whites separately. The trick is to use the xanthan gum and cover with a lid when cooking. Spread our jam between the layers for extra fun.


Peanut butter and jelly fudge

A collaboration between Mayver’s with their crunchy peanut butter and our very own sugar free Keep Keto’s strawberry and chia seed jam.


Keto Vegan Pannacotta

A special recipe from @uncomplicated_court for winning our Recipe Competition in July 2019. Well done! Your recipe is published.

Ultimate Party Pack Keto Crackers, Relish and Jam

My Keto Journey

This book started me on my learning journey. And it built into me, the foundation of my low carb, ketogenic lifestyle

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