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Tell us a bit about you…

Hi, I’m Maria! I’m 42 years old and live in Sydney. I have a 14 year old son and I love him to bits!

How do you spend your days?

One of my favourite things to do is go to foodie markets! I also love grabbing coffee or dinner with friends, but I’m just as happy at home chilling out and reading or watching a movie with my son.

What do you love about being keto?

I love how it makes me feel, I love the changes I’ve seen in my body in the 4 years I’ve been Keto – never going back!

What do you do to make it easier to Keep Keto?

I enjoy good food and love watching people enjoy my keto cooking so I regularly cook and entertain. This also means I know what’s in my food! I love to discover new products at the local health food shop or ordering online and keeping a stash of keto friendly food at home.

What do you love about Keep Keto products?

They’re delicious, clean, satisfying and versatile, I know I don’t need to check the ingredients. I can just eat the crackers straight out of the bag or if I’m after something sweet I just eat the jam out of the jar which stops me from eating chocolate!

What are some other Keto products you love?

The Good Sauce and Good Fat Mayo from Undivided Food Co. They go great with your relish! 

Where do you go to learn more about living and eating Keto?

I love your Instagram feed, and I follow a few other Keto Instagram accounts like @keto_the_aussie_way

Where can we find you / connect with you?

You can find me @Maria_goes_keto on Instagram