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"SEED FREE! Made with almonds, it’s a soft crunch cracker, like a shortbread texture."
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The complete pack to help you Keep Keto! You’ll get one of each of our crackers in this party pack so you can try every flavour!

We love our keto crackers with:

  • 브리 또는 체다와 같은 부드럽고 단단한 치즈
  • Cream cheese swirled with our Roasted Capsicum and Chilli Relish
  • 과카몰리 같은 딥스
  • 머리

This pack includes 1 bag of Salt and Pepper, 1 bag of Sweet Chilli and 1 bag of Garlic Bread Crackers.

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  1. Moira (인증된 구매자)

    Yum, yum, yum, yum. I love these crackers (sweet chili is my fave but garlic bread is a close 2nd) – they are tasty and fresh. I find just a small handful is enough to satisfy me. I will keep ordering!

  2. Marcel (인증된 구매자)

    My fussy 4 year old loves all the flavours

  3. Marcel (인증된 구매자)

    Quality product

  4. Marcel Green (인증된 구매자)

    All 3 flavours are amazing

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