Salt and Pepper Keto Crackers
delicious clean keto snacks
delicious clean keto snacks
Keto crackers on antipasto plate
delicious clean keto snacks
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The Socialite Pack

"SEED FREE! Made with almonds, it’s a soft crunch cracker, like a shortbread texture."
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We are SEED FREE! Our Salt and Pepper crackers are deceptively versatile little delights!  These almond based crackers are an ideal choice if you want a cracker that goes with just about anything you can think of. We’re even known to just sneak them straight out of the packet like chips.

우리는 Keto 소금과 후추 크래커를 좋아합니다:

  • 부드러운 치즈
  • Cream cheese swirled with our Roasted Capsicum and Chilli Relish
  • 살짝 튀긴 호박과 초리조 소시지
  • 파쇄되고 천천히 익힌 쇠고기와 녹은 치즈로 놀라운 케토 나초 만들기

This pack includes 3 bags of Salt And Pepper Keto Crackers.

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  1. 사만다 R. (인증된 구매자)

    Love, love love! So happy that I stumbled across these

  2. 익명의 (인증된 구매자)

  3. Susan Z. (인증된 구매자)

    My new fav flavour!

  4. 리아 한센 (인증된 구매자)

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